Movie Quotes – Despicable Me

Gru: We have located a shrink ray in a secret facility. And once we procure it, we will have the capability to pull off the TRUE crime of the century! We are going to steal…
[the minions pull out weapons]
Gru: Wait, I haven’t told you what it is yet.
[a rocket launcher fires and hits one of the minions]
Gru: Hey, Dave! What have I told you?
[the hit minion walks over to Dave and punches him]
Gru: [Gets on platform as it rises up to the roof] Next, we are going to steal… pause for effect…
[Platform stops so that Gru is silhouetted against the moon]
Gru: … the MOON!
[Minions cheer]
Gru: And once I have the moon, the world will give me whatever I want to get it back, and I will be the greatest villain in the world! That’s what I’m talking about!

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